Work on the front line

Working on the front lines with IPSS, Community Centers, Migrant Associations, Animal Shelters.

Working conditions

Provision of services to hotel units to improve working conditions.

Certification consultancy

Consultancy for the preparation of the ASC – WWF – Aquapesca Mozambique certification, and quality, environment, safety and energy.

Biological Certification

Development of the process and obtaining the Ecocert organic certification Aquacultura de Camarão Tigre – Aquapesca, Mozambique tanks and Armement de Mascareignes.

Odemira Undertakes

Development of applications PT2020-2050, Odemira Empreende, PDR2020-2050.

Environment, Safety and Health at Work

Training in Environment, Safety and Health at Work, Leadership, HACCP Principles in partnership with KMED XXI, Citeforma, Consulset.

Carbon Footprint Accounting

Development of a Study and Accounting Tool for the Carbon Footprint of the Work Phase of the Costa Terra Tourist Enterprise Project, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.