Applications for support/funds

We provide help to finance your project.
We help test the possibility of applying for investment support and assist in the application process.

Social responsibility

We promote a culture of proximity, and provide support and action in favor of the most disadvantaged, through means suitable for their social and community insertion, whether human or animal.

Sustainability reports

We help you monitor your business and report properly while collecting important information.
We assist in creating materials that the organization is not prepared to report on.

Environmental solutions

We help to treat your effluent biologically and to use natural resources in a conscious and sustainable way.
We assist in the rehabilitation of an abandoned soil through agroecology.

Occupational Health and Safety

We help reduce the risk of accidents in your company and provide fire safety projects, internal emergency plan, emergency organization, others.
We leverage the performance of your company's human capital.


We provide training in the different areas of environment, quality, energy management, internal auditors, safety and health at work and food, eco-efficiency, agroecology, renewable energies and other topics.

Preparation for certification and follow-up

We assist in the certification of your company.
We help to validate/review your needs in terms of organizational structure, documents, procedures, etc.
We support the review/formulation of processes, procedures, technical instructions, others.
We provide help in increasing support in quality management, environment, work safety, food and energy safety.


We help make your company more competitive, innovative and environmentally responsible.
We provide help to promote the reduction of environmental impacts and consumption of natural resources, produce more and better with less and provide sustainable goods and services at competitive prices that meet human needs.


Poorest Client, Senior, with justified social support

Private Customer


Technical Consultation (*)

12,50 €

Price upon request

Price upon request

Technical consultancy for Project Development - national & community investment funds application (*)

35,00 €

Price upon request

Price upon request

Technical Services (*)

60,00 €

Price upon request

Price upon request

(*) VAT at the legal rate in force

Training (*), (**)

Training Session of 7 hours, 15 trainees max

105,00 €

Training Session of 14 hours, 15 trainees max

210,00 €

Training Session of 21 hours, 15 trainees max

315,00 €

Training Session of 28 hours, 15 trainees max

420,00 €

Training Session of 35 hours, 15 trainees max

525,00 €

> 35 hours, 15 trainees max

Price upon request

(*) VAT at the legal rate in force
(**) In partnership / certified training